Tuesday, September 26, 2006

280 S

Oru azhagana ponnu irundha
Adha-vida oru Azhagaana paiyan irundhan
Avanga oru naal sandhichaanga


avalukku tamizhe varla di


Avanukku avala pudichudhu
Anaa sollala
Yennu Therla
Andha ponnu pesuva pesuva pesi-kitte irrupa
Anaaa adhan avanukku pudicha raagam

Avan Thannodu ulagathaiye avaloda periya periya kan-la paathan

Avalodu kai-ezhuthu kirukkal
ana andha ezhuthukkal mela payithiyamaa irundhan

Ava mudi asaiyaradha paatha
andha kaathukke poramai varum

Hey niruthu

You know priya he just loved everything about her!

Naraiya kindal panni irrukan
Azha vechurukkan
He was really bad Priya
Anaaa eppavum thaniyaa irundhan

Avalukku avana pudichudhu priya
I dont know why
yaen Priya yaen Priya!

=== End of Post ===
Any takers for guessing the source of this post?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Rantings from My Room

The Cool breeze over my head,
Soothing music to my ears,
Everything Seems so heavenly

I dont know what happened to me recently
Everything seems so beautiful to my eyes
I appreciate even the smallest of things

Sometimes I wonder whether life is a Photo album
A compilation of "Say cheese" moments captured at various instances of our life.
There is an inherent paradox here.

Life is a variable that can be represented by two variables, say X and Y.
X- Discrete Variable.
Y - Contrinuous Funtion variable.

If we strive to achieve those "Say-cheese" moments, there- in trying to maximize
f(X), we might infact be missing out those small pleasures, and joys in life, thereby
minimizing our continuous function variable Y.

Life represented by F(X) - Discrete variable and F(Y) - Continuous variable.
If we maximize F(X) then F(Y) might take a hit, and vice-versa.

Am I making any sense here. It makes hell a lot of sense to ME!!!

I should strive to achieve a balance where in I optimize both F(X) and F(Y).

= end of post =

Lines of The Week: I dint realize itz depth until my bro 'IM'med me:

Naangu Kannadi Suvargal Kulle
Enclosed in four glass walls
Naanum Mezhugu Vathiyum
Alone with only a candle
Thanimai Thanimayeeee!
Solitude and Solitude
Kodumai Kodumaiyee!
Torture it is great torture.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Buffaloing with English

I recently came across this nice article on wikipedia: wiki
Apparently buffalo has another meaning in english meaning: to confuse, to deceive.

The weirder part comes here. The following is a grammatically correct English sentence:
"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."
The meaning of this sentence goes something like:
The Buffalo bison that Buffalo bison intimidate, intimidate Buffalo bison. OR
New York bison, [that] New York bison annoy, [also] bother New York bison.

You want more of this :)
here it goes:
1. Cowes cows Cowes cows cow cow Cowes cows.
2. Bore boar Bore boar bore bore bore Bore boar bore.
3. "I wonder whether the wether will weather the weather, or whether the wether the weather will kill.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Humor Ungal (your) Choice

Today in Pepsi ungal choice I came across some real humor situation.

This Lady calls up Pepsi Uma, and after this usual hysteric remarks, like "you are really beautiful", "I am really grateful to speak in this show etc", Uma asks this question.

The following was their conversation:

Pepsi Uma: Ungallukku Kuzhandhai Irruka ?
Do you have any children ?

Caller Lady: Illa, innum illa.
No, Not yet.

Pepsi Uma: So Inimel Dhaana ?
So in the future is it?

Caller Lady: Naan rendu varshama try panren.
Have been trying for two years!

Inniku dhaan kadaichudu
Got only today!

Enakku romba sandoshama irruku
I am really happy.

(Btw. for those who dint get it, the lady was referring to the call, that she got through to Ungal choice program and not her efforts for a kid !!!)

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Sweetest Lines of the Week

For most this must be gibberish, but for me the follwing 3 lines are the sweetest lines of the week:

2006-09-08 15:35:00,265 INFO - I came here finally
2006-09-08 15:36:52,578 INFO - Session Factory look up from JNDI: org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl@89ca51

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I am thinking about...
singara chennai and my home

I said...
live in the present, dont wait .for that ideal future

I want to...
be rich, really rich both intellectually and materially

I wish...
for a Black Lamborghini with Jyothika on the driving seat :D

I hear…
Violins playing when I see a pretty gurl.

I wonder...
where and what I will be five years from now.

I regret...
Not taking risks in life

I am...
The one

I dance...
in the future

I sing...
in the past

I cry...
rarely, though no one knows psssst.!

I am not always...
this boring

I make with my hands...
a good rythm and also nice bread upma

I write...

I confuse...
sometimes, or never, not sure. confusing?

I need...
some excitement in life

I tag
none for now