Wednesday, January 28, 2009

X-Ray of a Confused Mind

The scariest place in the world at times is within your head!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Climb Resumes...

For years I have been climbing steep mountains
I have never feared hanging off steep ledges
The sharp rocks have seldom hurt me
I was undeterred by the pain my arms
And the ache in my legs
I was steady in my resolve
To keep climbing higher and higher
Until I reached the ultimate summit!

Everything was fine until my recent fall
The fear of failure has crept into me like poison ivy
Self infliction is nothing but an easy solution
I seek pleasure in pain
I seek solace in my solitude
I seek refuge in my goblet
Hoping to drown in the rednesss of the wine
That liberates my inner spirit!

A faint voice within me frantically calls out
Begging me to just hang in there
And that the tide will turn
I hear the voice of reason calling out loudly to
Pull myself out of this abyss
For I have been at greater heights
The climb now should be faster and easier
The perils are not strangers anymore.

I may now hold on to my rope tighter
Every step of mine might take longer
I may rest after each exertion and my breath may be heavier
But at least I have resumed my climb!
And I vow that I shall keep climbing
As after every fall the only way is UP!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


I stare out of my window at the grey night sky
And see a lone faint star in the distance.
The clouds annoy me for this reason.
Why do they want to deny me the simple pleasure
Of gazing at the bright stars and counting them?
A finite entity attempting to grasp the infinite.
It is not that I want the stars all for myself.
I do not wish to roll up the sky
And hang it in my living room to adorn my wall.

But this is just a momentary lapse

For I am filled with brimming gratitude
For it is the clouds that bear the rain
that paints the earth in hues of green
that ensures my thirst is quenched.
I quietly close the window making a vow to myself

That I shall consciously try to be content with what I have!