Saturday, June 16, 2007

An Awaited Moment - The Rajni Story

YAY! Going to see today one of the most awaited movies of this year! "Shivaji-The Boss" . This is supposedly one of Rajnikanth's best movies ever and the costliest movie : costing around 60 Crore Indian Rs.
Rajni movies always bring back really nice childhood memories. I watched "Pannakaran" in Nagesh theatre TNagar with a big gang of family and cousins.
Then watched "Dhalapadhi" in a preview (special screening) , with my dad (my sis was an infant (3-4 months) then, so mom and she stayed back).
We watched "Arunachalam" while touring Chidambaram and Pichavaram. "Aandavan Solraan Arunachalam Mudikaran ("God Proposes and Arunachalam Finishes"), was the major talk in school and was used to in all our conversations.

Watched "Baasha" with my cousin in Jawaharnagar Chennai (both the movie and the place are quite close to my heart).

Was really lucky to catch "Padayappa" in Ooty (Udhagamandalam).It was just after my Standard XII board exams and a series of entrance exams and was one hell of a break for me!

I love the following lines from Rajni's one of the best movies ever "Annamalai":
Vetri Nitchayam Idhu Vedha Sathiyam
Victory is Certain , and that is an eternal Vow!
koLgai velvadhae, naan koNda latchiyam
Attaining my goals is my mission in life!

imayamalai agaamal enadhu uyir pOgaadhu
I wont perish until I become tantamount to the Himalayas
sooriyan thoongalaam enadhu vizhi thoongaadhu
The Sun may take rest, but my eyes wont rest
vaervai mazhai sindhaamal vetri malar thoovaadhu
Without toiling, the garland of success doesnt come
ellaiyai thodum varai enadhu kattai vaegaadhu
I shall strive until I reach my limit