Saturday, May 05, 2007

C-Racy Talk

The whistle blew at exactly 6 PM. It was like watching a spoilt video tape on VCR with the whole frame of my vision bouncing up and down. All I could see was bobbing heads in front of me. Soon it was my time to bounce and transfer the energy to particles (people) behind me. We got moving at a pretty good pace. The 5.6 Km Coporate run had begun. All of us were adorned in colorful company T-Shirts, colors of most of which cannot be worn on normal days (bright yellow, bright blue, bright red = All Typical Ramarajan Colors What did you think Ramarajan is on the Wiki too! :D )

I think the people who conduct the marathons should make it a mandatory rule that all runners should wear T-shirts with sleeves. Come on, people run so close to each other in these races that it really gets smelly at times (urrgh!).
So coming back to the race,the most challenging part was overtaking the people in front of you. Unlike cars you cant honk, wave or show hand gestures to overtake. The best way that worked for me was to go threateningly close to the person whom you want to overtake, taking care that you dont stamp on their feet and then maybe do a strech or an excercise on the go. Sneezing or coughing could also work in case the person is not on his head phones. Soon he/she will acknowledge your eagerness and let you pass.

Thanks to some decent training and some really hot women in front of me (define hot as: women who were hot from running) I was able to complete the race in satisfactory time. I shall hold on to 32:27 (min,sec) for sometime :)