Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dead-ends - Where New life begins

I was on the highway sooner than I had realized
You are part of the race whether or not you want to be
I set forth at full gear with
The wind on my face
The music on my lips
The feel of absolute power in my hands
I knew know fear
There were no strings attached.

I braved many distractions
It was important to keep driving on
I ignored the exits and short-cuts
They were only for quitters and losers
I ignored the warnings and the signals
They were only for the faint-hearted and weaklings
There were many obstructions
But it was important to keep driving on!

I started this journey with a dream
A dream that when I reach the end of my journey
Where there are no more roads
Where no man has driven to before
I shall erect my flag of success on virgin grounds
And bask in the glory of my achievements

But the roads never come to an end
Roads will never come to an end
It is for you to find that happy nook that others call the "Dead-end"
Where you need to carve a niche for yourself
That happy place where only your car can go through the gates
Where other cars can come, but they have to leave.

Life is funny in that sense
The journey does not come to an end
Because your destination has arrived
Rather it comes because you can no longer drive
Or make a conscious choice to end the journey

I am still driving
But wisely so now
For I am aware that I need to find my dead-end
Where a happy new life awaits!