Sunday, October 28, 2012


There is hardly any stir in the air,
The yellow trees stand still, 
Even the leaves are afraid to fall now.
The Jack-o'-Lanterns have all gone back inside the houses,
The play-ground lays barren and not a soul to see,
The shelves in the super-markets looks like they have been raided
The sky looks mostly gray,  a few black clouds dot the sky
Helicopters buzzing all around probably monitoring the waters...
The Dockyard is brimming with yachts and boats all tied securely
Lady Liberty stands alone with hardly anyone visiting her today
The phones are ringing, anxious friends and relatives wishing safety
And insurance companies too, reminding their presence and that it is never too late!
In the distant horizon the city that never sleeps patiently awaits...
The arrival of our beloved SANDY!