Friday, April 03, 2009

The Tiger Awaits

Keeping with the tradition of my airport blogging, this is yet another 1-hour-before-flight blog. (first time from the Budget terminal @ Singapore though).

I expected something really bad at the Budget terminal. I should say that it is not that bad, except that I really miss the free leg-massagers in terminal 1 and 2.

Enough banter. Let us talk about something intellectual. How about the third-law of thermodynamics: that the entropy in the universe is ever increasing. (hopefully I still remember it correct from Thermo-D 101)

If I am part of the universe (or maybe the universe is part of me :D ) then I am certainly a good contributor to the increase in entropy.
Some of my actions recently definitely fall into the distribution of entropy contributing activities from the set : {weird, abnormal, eccentric , crazy)

Some of the really "entropic" things that I did recently:

  • Last night at 2 AM I had a strong craving for hot spicy noodles and a keen desire to watch Michael Madana Kamarajan. Thanks to the Gracious God and Myself I had both accessible at home. And BOY I did really enjoy both at that Ghastly, ghostly hour!!!
  • I suffer from a chronic disease called "IMPATIENCE" and the doctors have given up on me. Recently at the LRT Station (light rail transit) I really got impatient waiting for the lrt and I started walking round and round the platform ("the Pentathol" scene from Gunaa). A concerned SMRT Railway employee stopped me and asked if all was OK. I retorted saying that this is my way of exercising since I don't get time to exercise after work. (which was partly true btw.) He went away chuckling to himself.
  • I actually made a "Check-list" before this trip for my packing and the list of items I had to do before departing. Now is that a sign of AGEING or really a Curious Case of my extraordinary Project management skills applied to daily living. Weird!!!

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