Saturday, September 10, 2005

In Transit

Taipei September 10 2005

This is probably the first time I am going on such a long distance journey alone and probably that is the reason I feel quite bored. I have to kill ten hours of my time in this place ... man one instance where idling away makes you feel tired.

What do people generally do while travelling alone:

Read books
Listen to music
Blog :)
Watch movies
Pick up a conversation with co-passengers

All this while I have been kind of doing a mixture of all the above things, and currently due to lack of sleep I am too bugged to do anything but blog.

Met this guy called Jeff from Denver in the transit lounge. He was travelling with his three year old kid from Manila to Denver. His kid's name was Kimberley. She was really cute, and had the combined looks of her filipino mother and a caucasian father. We hit upon almost all the topics in the world, like politics, oil exploration, Katrina, linguistics and world langugages, travel experiences, Linux vs Microsoft, Apple and Steve Jobbs etc etc. Overall it was a really good conversation. Jeff was of swedish origin and he told me how immigrants in US after one or two generations forget their native language and that he hardly knew swedish. He was born in Boston, educated in Colorado and now works for an organization called SWCA ( as an Environment Consultant. His specialization was Archaeology and survey. Aged around 40 he is still looking forward to taking up a Phd. One thing I am really amazed by the educational system in US is that most people pursue a career in their own interest area, however commercially inviable it may be and also that the country does offer employment opportunities in all areas. Recently I believe in India too the focus is moving away from engineering and IT and more and more students and willing to explore the arts and science field.

While in India I was under this impression that IT is the THE THING and is really cool. Only after a bit of experience and exposure to others viewpoints have I come to realize that IT is just a tool or means by which one can improve the process and make business processes faster and efficient. An IT company can never match a Brick and Mortar kind of organization and this is also reflected in fact that the world's top two companies are Exxon Mobil (Oil Giant) and GE (almost all possible sectors). Even the IT and Services Giant like IBM cannot compare to these organizations in terms of their huge presence in the world, and market value.


This is my second blog from the Airport. Blogging is really a good way to kill time in the airport, especially if you are travelling alone. Had a nice hot cup of coffee from Deli France. I am surprised that you get much better coffee from Deli France rather from exclusive coffee outlets like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Have 20 min more before boarding, and I am quite paranoid about how I am going to kill 10 hrs in Taipei airport. Shall try and get a transit visa there and would like to see the current tallest building in the world, before it is overtaken by the Dubai tower which is under construction and also the Memorial Building over ground zero in New York. Even if I cant get a transit visa I guess it should be fine, cos' I have more than 500 pages of design specifications to read before I reach "Silicon Valley". :)
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Have a long journey to make
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