Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life is Like That

Scene 1 : Nationality

A guy talking to a girl.
Guy: Are you Indian ?
The girl replied back.
Girl: Yes of course I am Indian.
I was flabbergasted. It was like they show in the movies. The trees stopped swaying, the birds stopped in mid air, the waves in the sea froze for a second and the whole world came to a stand still.
Do you ask why?
This whole scene took place in the Indian High commission in Singapore.

Scene 2 : SMS Eavesdrop Monday Morning

( I happened to eavesdrop (of course accidentally) on a lady messaging her boy friend on the train.)
Janice: Oh am so sleepy this morning. It was a tiring night yesterday and it got pretty late ;)
Peter: Yes it was tiring but good fun.
Janice: Thanks for organizing the friday gathering.
Peter: Hope you enjoyed my friends on friday.
Janice: I did. But I enjoyed you better yesterday!
Sometimes Singlish is too short to convey the meaning. Just remember to change "you" to "your company" in the above conversation to get the right meaning. :D

Scene 3 : S-Team Boat

(Conversation in a office meeting to organize an event. Of course the names have been changed but are indicative of their place of origin.)

Irodov Vadapava: Let us think of some idea to organize the company yearly event for team building
Pierre Fries : I had thought about it. How about a cruise on a ship and a boat party?
Jollygood Steak: That seems to be a nice idea,
Akram Kebab: Company Compliancy Policy IPC Section 666A does not allow this stating this as Employee Loss risk. What if the ship sinks drowning more than half our employees!
Jollygood Steak: Is that bad after all ;)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life, A Riddle and Ten Questions

"I asked of life what have you to give me?
Life answered back : What you have to offer!"

(This was a poster in our bedroom which has always been there since as far as I can remember)


When you utter my name I disappear. Who am I or What am I?
This riddle was from the movie "Life is Beautiful" (Italian movie).

Two alternative answers
1. Gratitude
2. Silence


1. Why are we selfish at times (or most times)?
2. Why can't we put others' needs before ours?
3. Why do seek recognition from others? (for e.g. why do I feel happy when others leave comments on my blog)?
4. Is there a purpose to life and if so are we doing our duty?
5. Why is money so important inspite of not being important?
6 Why can't we speak our minds?
7. Why is the mind so devious at times?
8. Is there a good and bad side to our brain/thinking?
9. How do I know that I am intelligent? Is it by proving that I can solve a difficult mathematical
problem or by cracking difficult exams or scoring high on an IQ Test?
10 It is 3 AM in the morning and am I crazy to be blogging at this hour?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pollen Moments

The school bell rang at exactly 3 PM. Raghu came rushing out of his biology class. Raghu belonged to class 5 in Wesley High School. He was a very bright and inquisitive student. He located his red "BSA StreetCat" cycle in the stands and enthusiastically cycled back home. He parked the cycle by the window and locked. He inspected the reflector at the rear of the cycle. It looked a bit dusty. He kneeled down and started polishing itwith his saliva. It was now gleaming in the evening sun. Beaming and satisfied with his effort,he rushed to find his grandmother in the kitchen.

Grandma: What is up Laddu(sweetums)? Why are you brimming with so much excitement?
Raghu: Grandma, we had a very interesting lesson today in Biology. It was about osmosis. I am going to do some experiments at home with raisins and grapes. Can you give me some?
Grandma: Sure you can take it, but tell me what you are going to do with them?
Raghu: I am going to put the raisins in water. The raisins should absorb the water due to osmosis and bloat in size. When ripe full grapes are kept in water they lose water due to reverse osmosis. When grapes are preserved in sugar water they will retain shape and water.
Grandma: For this you need to experiment? I know this more from my kitchen experience than from my Class II education. Do you see those big array of jars there. Those are all different fruits and vegetables preserved in Salt and sugar water for pickling later. I don't know anything about "aash-maashish" though.
Raghu: Hmm. Not bad, Grandma, I think I can put your practical experience to some use later. I am off to do my homework now.

Some days later, Raghu is just back from school and finds his grandmother in the garden behind the house, planting some saplings.

Raghu: Excellent grandma I found you at the right place.
Grandma: Little Rascal! What weird question do you have for me today?
Raghu: Let me put you test. Can you tell me how trees come to existence and grow?
Grandma: How else, but from seeds sown in the soil?
Raghu: But tell me where seeds come from?
Grandma: Seeds come from the trees themselves my dear!
Raghu: Aiyoh! Patti(Grandma)! You don't know anything. Dont you know anything about pollination? Flowers are pollinated with pollen grains and they become fruits. Seeds come from the fruits which grow into trees later.

Raghu goes near the hibiscus shrub, carefully picks the stamens from the flower and crushes them so that he has a thin layer of pollen in his hand and carefully blows air over his hand so that the pollen fly above the flowers.

Grandma (amused at his antics) : Little Doctor, what are you upto?
Raghu: (Indicating at the two Guava fruits hanging from the guava tree with great pride and his head high up)Grandma do you know who created those fruits? It is me!
Grandma: What are you blabbering? What do you mean you created those fruits?
Raghu: Did you not see what I just did? I pollinated the flowers myself by blowing the pollens. In a weeks' time you should see some kind of fruit in the hibiscus tree too!
Grandma: This is all going way above my head now. And don't try any more of your artificial stuff in my garden. I will preserve it in my own natural way.
Raghu: Don't worry patti I know everything! Next week they are starting Human Physiology and I will learn how babies are born at school. I shall put you to test on subject quite soon!
Grandma: WHAAAT!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Have You ... ?

Have you tried blowing whistles with the petals of a flower
Have you ever tasted sweet nectar from the flower's nectary

Have you streched yourself flat on dew filled grass and tried rolling down a slope
Have you tried climbing trees and swinging on its branches

Have you dug the soft earth with your hands and planted any saplings
Have you drawn water out of a well using a pulley and pail and watered the plants

Have you tasted fresh honey drops from a beehive
Have you quenched your thirst with the cold water from an earthen pot?

Have you inscribed or etched some insignia on the barks of trees
Have you tried cooing back at Mynahs and Cuckoos and listened for their response

Have you been to the terrace on a dark starry night and wondered about the universe beyond
Have you stared at your reflection in ponds and tried making faces at yourself

Have you opened your mouth to the rainy skies to taste pure rain drops
And cycled in knee deep water and observed the wonderful patterns that the tyres leave on the water surface

Have you spent hours on the beach bathing and collecting sea shells
And building Sand castles, only to jump on them in the end and destroy them.

For If you haven't till now it is never too late
And You are never too old!