Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Writer's Block

My fingers are dancing over the qwerty
I really want write something from the bottom of my heart
I want to get my hands dirty
And make yet another start!

There is either a famine or a flood of ideas in my cerebrum
There are times I cannot write a single word
And times where I disgorge incoherent ideas in cryptic conundrum
That are worth only to be interred!

My fingers flop down on the keyboard due to lack of work in shame
They do what they usually do in such times without fail
I end up googling my own name, how lame,
And set forth on my usual meaningless web trail.


aparna said...

That was brilliant! Just dropped in to say that I have been spying on your blog and you write really well.

Harini said...

You can do quite well.
Just think about what
Deep down, your heart
yearns to tell.

Truthfully, yours has been one of the regularly updated blogs... Doing quite well Subbu!