Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yet Another Travel Blog

It is great to be going back home and this is yet another blog from the airport. I am going home after a period of six months and looking forward for my stay there. These six months were quite good. I just got into groove into my first job and it has been a great experience till now. Having good fun other than work too with lots of sports like Tennis, Badminton, Bowling, Pool etc.
Planning to get a bit more serious with life after I get back as a New Year Resolution :))

Have fun and TIG

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate

Prolonging life artificially through Life Support and Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) have always been a subject of debate. From the patient's point of view Euthanasia seems valid, but from a general perspective saving a person's life even so be it for a small duration is still worth the effort.

Just came across this terminology called DNR - Do Not Resuscitate. If a patient at the time he is admitted has a DNR order it means that he wishes that his life not be prolonged artificially or he wishes that his life not be revived artificially in case he suffers from any attack.

Came across this interesting article where a retired nurse has tatooed a DNR on herself.

Friday, December 02, 2005

SFO in a Different Light

Some interesting snaps clicked in San Francisco.


Smoke Pots of different shapes

Pile of crabs Fisheman's Wharf

American Heroes on Harley Davidsons

The Modern Day beggar

Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse

Java Rocks

This is a name of a cafe in Haight Street in San Francisco. I totally agree with what it says. Java Rox and it earns me my bread now :)


Simple yet touching:

Poomalai Vangi vandhan pookal illaye
He got a garland but alas it had no flowers!

Sevi Illai ingoru Isai Edharku
Without the ears what is the use of music

Vizhi Illai Ingoru villaku Edharku
Without the eyes what use is a lamp

Naalum Naalum Aval Ninaivil Ivan Azhudhu!!
Day by day he is pining in her memory

Poo malai vangi vandhan pookal illaye!