Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Biting Philosophy - Thathuvam Solren Kettuko

I had recently gone to these comedy dramas in Chennai. One of them was titled "Thandramukhi" by Y.Gee Mahendran's troupe. It was one laughing riot. The following are excerpts from the drama:

Thathuvan Solren Kettuko:

1. Ticket Vaangi Ulla Ponaa adhu Cinema Theatre
Ulla Poi Ticket Vanginaaa adhu Operation Theatre!

2. Daily Calendar'la thedhi (date) kizhikkarom, adhu namakku theriyum
Anaaa andha thedhi-laa naama ennaa kizhikarom-nu andha calendar-ku theriyumaaa!

3. Kaasu irundha Call-Taxi. Kaasu illena Kaale Taxi!
This is a latest addition damn good:
bus un mela aerunaalum nee bus-la aerunaalum ticket edukka poradhu nee thaan. :D

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Kolkata Experience

I had really fond childhood memories of Kolkata. I again visited Kolkata this December 2006 after a gap of around 14 years. Though I dint see any major changes / developments compared to high growth cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai I was still glad that Kolkata has maintained its unique cultural flavor.

Radha Pallavi
(Radha = Poori like Kachoris with Pallavi = Aloo Dum like Subzi)

(~ equivalent of a Samosa but not quite the same)

Misthi Doi (Dahi)
(Sweet Curd)

Puchka / Fuchka
(~ Paani Poori)


(A Sweet and Savories Shop in Gol Park)

Park Street
( A famous street in Kolkata with lots of restaurants and brightly lit)
~ MG Road in Bangalore, Orchard Road in Singapore)

Peter Cat
(a famous Restaurant on Park Street)

Bhalo Aa-chi ?
Doing good?

Teek Aache
Am good!

Ami Thumi-ko Bhalo Baashi
I like you very much (~ I Love U)