Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Curiosity Fills the Board - Box Office Hit

There is no denying that People are curious. They are curious about their environment, about other's lives etc etc. Curious people need to be fed constantly with intriguing thoughts and things to keep them satisfied and I am more than ready to oblige to do that.

My cubicle in office is situated right next to the pantry. All those curious people who pass my cubicle while on their way to the pantry can't help but stare into my cubicle and at my white board because their curiosity tells them to do so. Poor souls.

So as my duty I have to feed them interesting things to ponder about. So what we(me and my colleague) did to my discussion white board was this:

We wrote some random (bull-shit) equations (and made sure that we covered most symbols like double differentials, Cyclic Integrals, Limits) and made a derivation which resulted in a mathematical percentage value. Here comes the most important line, we wrote "SUCCESS" in the last line implying we achieved something.

To add to this soup we drew some random graphs to resemble some break even analysis combined with some complex efficiency index. :D
Snapshot of our board:

We just left these on the board for around 2 days to judge the response. We had released our
First movie and we did not know how it had fared in the box-office.

Two days later, I am in the pantry and one person comes to me and says, "wow so many equations and formulas on your board, what is up?" (really curious)"

I casually shrug my shoulders and reply "oh that was nothing, some really simple stuff
that we were discussing the other day" !
[He is totally baffled and I left him alone to think about it!!! :D]

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Chennai 600028

Hot news! Finally they are taking a movie titled (or based) on my home locality Raja Annamalaipuram ("enga area") called "Chennai 600028".

The weird thing here is that it is being shot in Bangkok :D

Hopefully they do show some parts of RA Puram. Have to WAIT N SEE!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Chennai December Music Season

Characters: Sambhu, Uncle (Mama), Aunty(Mami)

Nethikki OS Thyagarajan kutchery poi irundhele eppidi maama irundhudhu?
Yesterday you had been to OS Thyagarajan's kutchery (concert). How was it uncle?

one aam class daa. suda suda mollaga bajji ennama irundhudhu theriyumo!
First class daa! The Mollaga Bajji (Chilly Pakora) was excellent!

enna maama solrel, kutchery epdi irundhudhu?
What are you telling uncle, I asked about the concert?

unnaku vishiyam theriyumo un friend Baskar irrukanono, oru ponnoda vandhurundhaanda!
Do you know, your friend Baskar had come with a dame?

avan girl friend aa irrukum maama, namakku edhukku oor vambu, seri innum kutchery-epdi irundhudhunnu sollave illiye?
It must have been his girl friend uncle. Why poke our nose into other's matters. You have still not told me about the concert!

adhellam enakku theriyadhu daaa maami-ya kaelu daa!
These trifle matters I dont know, you can ask aunty!

seri maami neengalavadhu sollungo kutchery epdi irundhudhu?
Ok Aunty, at least you tell me how the kutchery was?

cutchery aa adhu kadakkaradhu. indha pakathaathu pankajam irrukaalono!

Humming a raga in an out of tune baritone voice!

Aunty: (Enraged at the interruption)
Yenna setha summa irrukelaa, mukiyamana vishiyam pesidirrukeno illiyo!
enna abaswaram paa. Suttu pottaalum ungalukku paatu varadhu,. ennatha
pathu varsham paatu kathundelo!

Uncle: (teriffied and embarassed)
Seri di nee sonna seri

Enna maami ungaathula Madurai Strongaaa ! Seri sollungo , Pankajam maami...

Hmm cutchery kku pankajam enna altoppu theriyumaaa, pattu podavai enna, jarigai enna, necklace enna. Achacho sahikkala!

Seri maami idhukkum kutcherykkum enna sambandham?

Uncle: (Back to his singing now but in a lower tone)
Sa-Dha-Ma-Ga-Tha-Ma-Dha-Ma (Saadham Aaga Thaamadhama)
Any delay in cooking the rice? (Question asked in a musical notation)

Enna thirumbi munumunuppu! Periya Kamal Haasannnu nenaippu.
Ungallukku innum oru mani neram kazhinju dhan saapadu!

Seri naan kelambaren

Finally a disappointed Sambu returns home with no information on the actual concert!