Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Story of X Y Z

It is morning 8.00 A.M. in the morning and it is a real chilly morning in X. "Kousalya Supraja Ramapoorva Sandhya Pravarthathe" - Venkatesa Suprabatham is playing in a soothing tone in the background. I slowly walk towards the the windows and open the curtains. The view is breathtaking. The sun is perched on the vast crest of mountains, floating on cottonbales of silvery clouds. Down below is the never ending expanse of tea estates looking like streches of green sheets draped over the lands.The gurgling stream below the house seems to be playing a rythm of its own and gives a pleasant feeling. After enjoying the view for sometime, I brush my teeth and settle myself on the couch in the drawing room to read the morning newspaper.

The house seems to be smelling full of incense sticks (oodhuvathi) and Sambrani (aromatic substance) . She (Y) comes to me and hands me a full glass of hot and steaming coffee. I complement her that she is looking all the more beautiful today, at which she blushes and brushes away the remark with a pat on my shoulder. The coffee smell is heavenly and I take a deep breath to revel in its effect. The froth (norai) on the coffee seem to reflecting all the colors of the world. That is how coffee is perfectly made : hot, strong, thick, a bit milky, full of froth, served in a shiny glass (tumbler) and a saucer (davara). I enjoy every bit of the morning coffee while skimming through the newspaper. I get ready for my morning walk and together with Y we set forth on our usual picturesque morning walk trail.
...To be continued

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Tribute to All Parents : "Thavamai Thavamirundhu"

"What a movie"! Really emotional and moving!! I unabashedly admit that I cried after seeing the movie. I am not that kind of really emotional person. Maybe because I do miss staying with my parents, though I have been out of home for around seven years now!!

The movie beautifully portrays what kind of sacrifices parents make and how much important a role parents play in our lives.

oru murai dhan oru murai dhan
Only once and only once
oru sila thavarugal oru murai dhan
some mistakes are made only once

oru murai dhan thavariyadhal
Even though we erred only once
Adaigira Vedhanai pala murai dhan.
We might have to face the consequences many many times.

Overall an awesome movie!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lost and Found

In college I had this habit of collecting poems I liked and I used to keep them in a diary. I recently found that diary in a junk of books ;).

Here are some of the verses from the diary:

Ketan Valand: Burning the Passions

To me she's no angel, thats' for sure
But this love as I know has no cure.
Every hour the feelings are there
Burning desires and passions to bear.

Loving the smiles, laughter and dreams,
Sharing the tears and life as it seems
Brushing away each other's grief and sorrows
Touching each other's present and tomorrow.

I can see the fire kindle in her eyes
Now I know for sure that there wont be any more good-byes.

Borrowed from my College Friend:
:) (Thoda filmi hai but I still like it !)

For the world you might be someone,
But for someone you are the world.

Don't marry someone you can live with,
Marry someone you cannot live without.

Everytime I meet you
I take a decision that
That I should never meet you again
For to meet you again
We need to part
And that makes me fall apart. :)))

Staying watching you
For a long long time
Is a pleasure unsurpassed
And whatever I do
You are on my mind
"My Permanent Passtime"

Love is an endless pit
Once you fall in love
You get deeper with time
There is no way you can climb out of it!!

(P.S: For that friend who wrote the above: in case you are reading the above: Hi da long time
...whatz up in life! Had collected some of the stuff written by you in our first or second year dont remember!! Letz get back in touch daa! cia)