Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali 2009

Standard Fireworks, Peacock Brand, 100 Wala Lar Grand, Snake, Stone, Sparklers, Vishnu Chakram, Thara Chakram, Buswanam, Aerial color-out, Morning Idlis, Patti-Mandram, Deepavali Release.

These are the only faint memories that I have of celebrating Deepavali at home. It has been around 10 years, since I set forth out of home for college and work thereafter. In these 10 years I have been at home for Deepavali only a couple of times. I know for a fact that in the coming few years, there are very less chances of me being at home for Diwali. So here I am at the airport on the Diwali eve, taking a flight to Chennai. This was a very impulsive booking on my part, and a last minute decision. But I dont repent it. I am sure I will cherish this weekend for ever!!

So all you guys out there spending your Diwali with your loved ones and family, you should feel very special and lucky!! And those who are far away from their loved ones, gather with your friends and have fun, for this is a season of lights and you should brighten your lives with this light, wherever you are in this world!!!