Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bullet Points

Health Survey

A recent health survey in India by Nielsen Company consisting of 20,000 respondents revealed that among various conditions:

  • 54.4% (~11000) of the respondents had a household member affected by High BP.
  • 45.7% (~9000) of the respondents had a household member affected by Diabetes.
  • 12.2% (~2400) of the respondents had a household member affected by Depression.

I believe that among the various conditions, depression is the most sinister, as it has a significant impact on the home ecology. It is the combined responsibility of the entire family to rescue the affected person out of the condition.
Source : Reader's Digest

Mittal Trivia

  • Richest man in UK and 4th richest in the world
  • Vanisha Mittal (Mittal's daughter) had the world's most expensive wedding in France.
  • Mittal built his first plant outside India in Surabaya Indonesia at the age of 26.

Source : Wikipedia

Spirit-ed Women
A recent article I read in a magazine (Outlook) states the following about women and drinking:

  • Women are more likely to get addicted to alchohol even with casual drinking.
  • Women get intoxicated with even lesser amounts of alchohol.
  • Women account for the annual 25% increase in alchohol consumption in India. (this does shadow the fact that Males are causing the rest 75% )

Did you also know that:

  • Alchohol dehydrogenase is the enzyme that digests (metabolises) alchohol and this is secreted (by the liver which is the largest human internal organ) in lesser quantities in Women.
  • 1 gm of Protein or Carbohydrate contains 1 Calorie. Whereas 1gm of Alchohol contains 7 Calories. (1 gm Fat contains 9 Calories)

Disclaimer: I am not being judgemental nor in advisory mode here. It is just a reminder to all us spirited individuals that we are one hell of a live-r (deliberate malaproprism) and while living life to the fullest we should use our judgement while revelling in high spirits.