Sunday, August 29, 2004


The amount of pressure and tension that mounts within a person is directly proportional to the amount of work that has to completed within a specified time and inversely proportional to the time itself. I am sure that people who have been through project deadline situations, and time bound schedules would be in full agreement with the above formula! But now that I have been such time bound routines over and over again, the pressure no longer gets to my head. Infact I have started enjoying the pressure situations and like the challenge of performing under pressure.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


I was once a real lover of Nature. Whenever I used to walk by a beautiful tree in College, I used to stop by, spare sometime, enjoy the tree's foliage, the chriping parrots and sparrows and the mild breeze. But due to work pressure and time limitations I had to curb these passtimes of mine. Today being my last day in the States I just took some time off my work and took a walk by the side of Charles River Boston. What a beautiful sight the river offers! It really makes you forget all the worries and eases your mind a lot. Across the river one can see the Skyline of Boston with its tall buildings and sky scrapers like Prudential etc.. Watching the train and other vehicles crossing the bridge is really a pretty sight.Various sail boats and motor boats dot the broad river and you can see people jogging on either side of the river. The side on which I was standing was the Cambridge Town where MIT is located. The Killian court of MIT which is where the famous MIT dome is located is also one enjoyable sight.


It has been quite a while isnt it! I am glad that I am blogging again after such a long time. It has been two months since I have blogged. Time just flies you know.How much I have travelled since then!
My first hop was from Bangalore to Chennai and I remained temporarily stored at my home for a week or so. Then I was routed to Singapore. I spent about a month among the Computing clusters of NUS School of computing. Then I was again forwarded to Boston to the MIT Athena clusters. Now I am being prepared to be reforwarded to Singapore again, which will hopefully be my permanent destination for sometime.